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Precious Stones, Gold Dust, Silk Filament, Pearls, Exotic Florals, Plant Saponins, Mystic Potions, Nuts, Berries, Ass’s Milk in Velvety Potent Moisturizers nourish, soften, moisturize & revitalize the skin. The outcome is incredibly Pure, Sensuous, Satiny skin.

Neerja Marwaha recreates some of the elaborate long forgotten Face and Skin Glow Products with precious stones, pearls, florals, nuts etc as per your needs. The evocative rituals smooth away the stress and strain of modern day living. Immersing the skin in these pure potions is a reaffirmation, a renewal and a remembrance. We offer various kinds of
Face and Body Glow Treatments that give your skin the new, fresh, baby like skin that all will crave for.

Some of the Skin & Body Sheen Treatments are-

  • Golden Glow for Beach Parties
  • Platinum Skin Glow
  • Pearl Glow
  • Ruby Glow
  • Exotic Chocolate Cocoa Glow
  • Karageen Body Glow for Blemishes
  • Husk and Bran Polish
  • French Carita Facial and Body Treatment
  • Nut and Weed Glow
  • Fango Body Wrap
  • Age Complex with AHA's
  • M-V Enzyme Glow for Dehydrated Skins
  • Rehydrating Face and Body Treatment for Dry Skins
  • Rebalancing Glow for Oily and Blemished Skins
  • Strawberries and Cream Glow
  • Wild Berry Glow for Sluggish Skin
  • Destressing Glow Face and Body Treatments
  • Exfoliation with Margosa and Milk
  • Javanese Lulur
  • Honeysuckle Silk Glow
  • Honey and Orange Glow
  • Sweet Orange and Citrus Skin Glow
  • Oriental Five Spice Glow
  • Roman Skin Renewal
  • Vanilla Apricot Glow Masque
  • White Goddess Milk Glow
  • Milk and Almond Polish
  • Macademia Nut Delight
  • Ginger Peach Polish
  • Oriental Body Glow
  • Saffron Pearl and Milk Glow
  • Skin Panacea
  • Aloe Vera Peppermint Cooling

    Note: All the Treatments listed above can be customized as Take-away products for Exotic everyday use.