Business Excellence award "Gold" by BID. WORLD QUALITY INTERNATIONAL STAR AWARD. PARIS Oct 2004.
Neerja Marwaha is world renowned for her very Exotic, Extensive, Erotic, Exclusive Bridal Extravaganza. She has been covered by leading news channels like the BBC, CNN and Zee for the same.

Bridal Packages are 8-10 days of extravagant Beauty Rituals before the actual wedding day. The time taken each day is 4-5 hours where preferred soups, juices, meals and red wine are served with all the packages. The thorough romantic pampering renders an exquisite sheen and glow to the Bride-to-be. The sheer luxury of the customized packages according to the skin, mood, temparament and evocative smell chosen is a once in a lifetime indulgence. The Bridal Treatments and the Bridal Skincare Packages listed below are complete with Face Glow, Body Masques, Mood Massages, Beauty Bath of choice and Hair treatment. Besides the below listed, Brides can also make their own combination of skin, bath, massage and perfume blend to make a special customized package. These rigorous rituals are passed down the royalty of Indian, Egyptian & Saudi Queens and Princesses.


Maharani Jodhabai Rare Floral Regime :

Rare fresh flowers like Jasmine, Gardenia, Tropical Magnolia, Hibiscus, Frangipani, Poinciana, Rose, Globe Amaranth, Alamanda and Ylang Ylang flowers are flown from all over the globe and are the highlight of this Rare Floral Bridal Treatment. Some of the flowers are used for their exquisite fragrance and others for their rich colours. The flowers and petals Rejuvenate, Luxuriate and Soften the skin. Pure Floral Perfume oils are added to heighten the intensity of skin sensation. The end result is Sheer, Luminous Deeply Scented skin and the feeling... Absolute Euphoria. This is suitable to all skin types, although it is best suited to fair Brides.

Cleopatra's Roman Glow Package:

Ass's Milk, Honey, Roses, Crushed Precious stones are used to give an ultimate Bridal Allure. The outcome is satin like skin, sensuous and erotic ready for romance. This treatment is best suited to dry skin Brides.

Rani Saheba Golden Glow:

As the name suggests gold dust is paired with the choicest of mystical Emollients to moisturize, soften, glisten and glow. The outcome is glamorous golden hue to the skin that of an Indian Goddess. This is best suited to Dusky Brides or Brides who want a Golden look.

Silk Shimmer :

Silk filament is the main ingredient that goes into this glow package. It is paired with plant fragrances and botanicals which awaken the five senses. An evocative exquisite floral range of perfumes can be chosen here from Lavender to Peach, Hyacinth, Lilac, Rose or Fragipani. This is more suited to sensitive skin types.

Panch Amrit Snana/Five Nectar Bath :

This Bridal Treatment is passed down the royalty of Indian Queens & Princesses. As the name suggests five nectars or Panch Amrit is used in this Bridal formula. Narcissus bulbs, Exotic essences, Jasmine, Rare earths, Milk and Oatmeal with Honey are used. Anointing and celebrating the body in this potion is a life - affirming experience... A Rare Neerja Marwaha Experience. This treatment is suited and personalized to individual skin types.

Opulent French Glow :

Exotic Clay from France is combined with some of the pure sensuous essentials and beauty grains. Velvety moisturized skin waiting to be touched and lured upon awaits. Lustrous and luminous skin is rendered by the exotic blend of ingredients massaged delicately all over the body. This is more suited for Brides with a combination or oily skin.

Experience the luxury of being a Bride indulge in a Rare Neerja Marwaha Bridal Extravaganza...